Contractor vs employee – Are your staff employees or contractors?

In the age of ‘just in time’ and the ‘flexible labour force’ a lot of employers have been tempted to get rid of employee overheads altogether and supply the labour needed through ‘contracts for services’ or labour-hire arrangements. So, when is someone an employee and when are they a contractor?Labour-hire

Transfer of Business – What About Employee Entitlements?

One of the reasons you might buy a particular business is that it employs people with a lot of skill and experience in that type of business. If you want to keep those workers on, you will need to know about employee entitlements under the Fair Work Act 2009 in

Trademark Protection: 5 Steps to Protect Your Business’ Name and Logo

You will find goodwill and business reputation, and therefore customer patronage, connected with the name and logo mark of an established, well-marketed business. Branding and get-up can differentiate your business identity from others in your market segment. With that in mind, we offer 5 tips for small businesses as follows.