When starting Litigation to Protect Your IP: Anton Piller Search Orders

Usually, when somebody brings a court action there is a drawn-out process called ‘discovery’ where each side asks for evidentiary material from the other side. Sometimes that just gives people time to destroy or conceal evidence. So right at the start of litigation, you should consider asking the court for

Asset Freezing Orders by a Court – Mareva Injunctions

An ‘interlocutory injunction’ is a court order made during a court case, before the final judgement, usually considered at the very start of litigation. In the case of a copyright breach involving clothing, for example, the case will take months at least to resolve, but the clothes copied from your

Startup Business Structures | Early Stage Innovation Company

A big challenge which innovative startups face is attracting capital investment when what they are doing is so new that it also is, by definition, a gamble. At the start, you may qualify for a NSW State Government Grant.1 But your startup business structure is important for private investors to