Business Contracts

Stevensen Business Lawyers writes business contracts and commercial agreements that non-lawyers can understand, with less legal jargon, and aimed to minimise your risk as a party to a deal.

We help clients identify their main goals in a business deal, business structure or business venture, and how best to document that in the transaction, with business contracts guided by our business lawyers many years experience in commercial law. Stevensen Business Lawyers has a great depth of experience in reviewing and updating contracts and agreements supplied by others, and we are contract law and commercial law specialists.

When drafting your contract we aim to tailor it to your business needs and circumstances. And unlike some of our competitors, we do not simply provide a “one size fits all” template. Our services include providing you with your own solutions and documents, with commercial agreements tailored to your business transaction.

When you appoint Stevensen Business Lawyers as your commercial lawyers, we may:

  • Review the terms of a contract and explain your rights and obligations under that contract before you commit yourself to it;
  • Suggest amendments to a proposed contract in order to protect your commercial interests;
  • Negotiate on your behalf with the solicitors for the other parties so as to alter or remove what is against your interests;
  • Advise you on the small business law impacting a proposed business contract or commercial agreement;
  • Prepare tailored contracts for a “one–off” transaction, or series of transactions;
  • Prepare terms and conditions for online businesses, to cover their transactions with all online customers to their website;
  • Advise you on what steps can be taken if someone else breaches a term of a contract between you; and
  • Assist you prepare your response to a claim by someone else that you have breached a contract.

Our law firm can provide you with a comprehensive range of contracts adapted for your business, such as a:

  1. Partnership Agreement, Shareholders’ Agreement, Joint Venture Agreement or Unit-holders’ Agreement,
  2. Contract for Sale of Business,
  3. Franchise Agreement & other franchise documents,
  4. Customised Terms and Conditions for online businesses & e-commerce websites,
  5. Exclusive Distribution Agreement,
  6. Retail Premises Lease & Commercial Premises Lease
  7. Company Equity Investment Agreement,
  8. Put and Call Option Agreement,
  9. Loan Agreement and Security Documents: mortgages and securities registrable under the Personal Property Securities Act,
  10. Manufacturing Agreement,
  11. Copyright Licence & Copyright Assignment Agreements,
  12. Software Development Agreements,
  13. Independent Contractors Agreement, Consultancy Agreement,
  14. Subcontracts,
  15. Sale of Goods Agreement, Hardware Supply Agreement,
  16. Supply of Services Contract,
  17. Independent Contractor Agreement, Consultancy Agreement,
  18. Confidentiality Agreement & Non-Disclosure Deed (NDA)
  19. Employment Contract.

By keeping the contracts, agreements and terms and conditions we prepare for you in plain English we avoid ambiguities that could result in confusion or Court action later.

We can also assist you when you are growing your business by assisting you in negotiations with larger players in your industry, and reviewing and negotiating updates to the more complex agreements often put forward by the larger players, and advising on the applicable contract law. Where you are putting in a tender for a large project, we can review the project supplier terms and conditions, and prepare the ‘Exceptions table’ for you to submit to the project manager, together with your tender submission.

Our services are tailored to the needs of our clients. For further information on how Stevensen Business Lawyers can assist your company, please contact us.