Small Business Law Advice & Commercial Law

Are you after small business law advice? Do you want to know upfront the small business lawyer cost, and how to hire a lawyer that provides specialist legal help for small business? Stevensen Business Lawyers are experienced Sydney-based lawyers providing straightforward and concise advice on all areas of business law, viewing your business from a legal and commercial law standpoint of the best actions to take. We don’t just see the legal angles, we see the whole of business picture. Your outcome becomes our outcome.

We aim to give you common-sense, strategic and to-the-point advice on all legal issues affecting your business, and explain the options without unnecessary complexity. We will give you a clear assessment of your position and possible options across a range of areas including:

We have assisted our clients of many years standing by offering them a cost-effective way of having advice from one of our business solicitors, by telephone or email, as and when issues arise, and providing legal advice with practical application informed by the deeper understanding we gain of your business and industry as we continue to work together as you are Growing Your Business.

Our aim in every contact with you is to be your small business lawyer of choice, throughout your business journey, when you are a startup, become a company or other corporate entity, expand or sell your business, and help in resolving business disputes or workplace disputes that may arise.

Our services are tailored to the needs of our clients. For further information on how Stevensen Business Lawyers can assist your company, please contact us.