Corporate Law

Our Corporate Lawyer services include advising individuals and small companies on all aspects of corporate law and company law, including the Corporations Act requirements on corporate governance and company directors duties.

Shareholders Agreement and other company contracts

We can assist your company in its growth phase by preparing or updating company contracts to bring new investors on Board, or to sell your shares in a company. These documents include:

  • Share Sale Agreement;
  • Shareholders’ Agreement – for the shareholders to agree to the rules, other the Corporations Act, of the business arrangement between them regarding the company;
  • Share Subscription Agreement – for the company to allot new shares to a subscriber in return for its payment of the share issuance price to the company;
  • Trust Deed for discretionary trust structure with a company as the Trustee/contracting vehicle;
  • Joint Venture Agreement – incorporated (i.e. through a company), or unincorporated, as an alternative to a Partnership Agreement between two parties.

We can also set up an Employee Share Scheme, prepare or update Managing Directors Agreements, Consultancy Agreements, Employment Agreements and all types of Business Contracts.

Setting up a company structure

For business start-ups and companies undergoing expansion or restructuring, our services include business structure advice. For more-established business clients, we offer a Corporate Advisory service on corporate matters and compliance matters, and contracts review, as and when they arise.

Company dispute or breach of Directors duties

We can advise, assist and represent you in any corporate law dispute such as recovery of money a company owes youpersonal liability of Directors for the wrongs of the company, or the company Directors’ personal liability for the debts of an insolvent company.

Please contact us for a confidential, no obligation, discussion about your needs in this area.