Franchise Law

As franchise lawyers, we focus on helping the “little guys”, the startups that buy into the larger franchise system, or looking into buying a franchise business from an existing Franchisee. We can also advise, assist and represent a Franchisee in resolving a franchise dispute under an existing Franchise Agreement.

Legal Advice on a proposed Franchise Agreement

When you are looking to buy a Franchise, or renewing or extending a Franchise, we can assist in a number of ways, including:

  • Assisting you in conducting a due diligence of the franchise proposed by a Franchisor;
  • Reviewing the Franchisor Disclosure Statement and advising on the compliance or otherwise with the Franchising Code of Conduct;
  • Reviewing the Franchise Agreement proposed by the Franchisor, advising on the legal risks involved and providing you with the Legal Advice Certificate;
  • For newer franchise systems, drafting proposed updates to the Franchise Agreement, and negotiate those changes with the Franchisor or its franchise lawyer;
  • Reviewing the existing or proposed Retail Tenancy Lease Agreement or License of Retail Premises Agreement or Commercial Lease Agreement and negotiating their terms on your behalf with the Landlord or Licensee of the premises.

Selling a Franchise or Buying a Franchise from a franchisee

We can also assist you when selling a Franchise by preparing the Sale of Franchise Agreement. We can assist a buyer of an existing Franchise from a Franchisee, including by reviewing and negotiating the legal terms of the Sale Agreement, on your behalf.

Help from a Franchise Dispute Lawyer, in a franchising dispute

We can advise, assisting and represent you in resolving a franchise dispute, such as:

  • preparing the Notice of Dispute under the Franchising Code;
  • advising on alleged breaches of the Franchise Agreement;
  • breaches of the Franchising Code, such as breach of the obligation to act in good faith;
  • failures by the Franchisor to update the Franchise Disclosure Document;
  • disputed changes to the Franchise Operating Manual;
  • unfair contract provisions in the Franchise Agreement;
  • misleading representations, misleading and deceptive conduct;
  • unconscionable conduct or unfair conduct by the Franchisor;
  • disagreements as to the third-party supplier appointed by the Franchisor;
  • misrepresentations as to earnings by the Vendor of the franchise business.

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