Strata Dispute Law

Our lawyers advise and assist parties in resolving strata disputes in strata schemes in Sydney. We represent owners corporations and strata committees in their claims against suppliers and builders. We can also assist a strata title owner in their dispute with another owner or occupier, or with the owners corporation. Our strata dispute services include representation at a third party mediation and at proceedings in the NCAT, the NSW Tribunal for strata law.

We can advise on strata law as it applies to your strata title dispute. Some types of these disputes involve:

  • enforcement of bylaws against an owner or occupier breaching bylaws;
  • disagreements about decisions made by the owners corporation;
  • appointment or removal of a strata manager;
  • validity of meetings or procedures.

We can also advise and represent an owners corporation in bringing building defects claims, or breach of contract claims. These include claims against suppliers for non-supply of goods and services, or defective supply of such goods and services.

We can represent a party at mediation by NSW Fair Trading in Sydney, and assist a party make or respond to a claim under the Strata Schemes Management Act (NSW) 2015, and represent a party in proceedings at the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT), Sydney, where a dispute is unable to be resolved through third party mediation.

For further information on how Stevensen Business Lawyers can assist you with all legal aspects of a dispute involving a strata title scheme, please contact us.