Small Business Lawyers

Are you looking for a lawyer for your business start-up, or for legal help in expanding your business opportunities? We are experienced, specialist small business lawyers who understand how small to medium sized businesses work. We can support you without costing you the earth.

Stevensen Business Lawyers, Sydney, works for business start-ups and more established businesses that want lawyers attuned to their industry. We listen and apply pragmatic problem-solving in order to provide legal solutions customised to fit the needs of each business. Unlike large law firms, we don’t follow a “one size fits all” approach.

At Stevensen Business Lawyers, we speak to business owners and operators every day and understand the needs and difficulties of starting, running and growing a business. We are  a small business law firm which is a small business, and deliberately so. We believe in delivering a personalised service to our clients, and aim to be your number one choice of business lawyer for all your small business legals.

And after years of experience as advisors in large organisations, our lawyers are convinced there is a better way quality legal services can be delivered consistently and cost-effectively to startups and small business, and that is through a firm of business law lawyers with a network whose expertise can be drawn upon at any time if need be to support the needs of each project. Since 2006, Stevensen Business Lawyers has providing legal services for business start-ups and other small businesses who found us on the Internet. We have remained the trusted advisors for many of our clients as they grew their businesses.

No time to leave the day-to-day running of your business operations? We have flexibility in the way we deliver legal services to you. You can meet us in our office located in Sydney and receive regular updates by telephone and email. From start to finish, we can manage your legal issue by email.

From your first contact with us, we aim to provide you with quality value for money small business law services in every legal need you encounter in business, including offering fixed-fee quotes for many types of business law matters.

Legal services provided by Stevensen Business Lawyers, Sydney, include:

  • Reviewing and updating your business’s contract terms and conditions;
  • Customising your template contract to your business needs;
  • Reviewing contracts proposed by others, and updating them;
  • Negotiate on your behalf in purchasing a business or franchise;
  • Working with a business broker in a contract for sale of a business;
  • Negotiating and documenting  your exit from a business partnership or your sale of shares in a Pty Ltd company;
  • Clarifying intellectual property ownership, and arrangements;
  • Advising on your legal rights in a business dispute anywhere in New South Wales;
  • Negotiating the legal terms of your retail tenancy lease or commercial premises lease;
  • Preparing or reviewing an Employment Agreement;
  • Advising and assisting in resolving a workplace dispute or employment law dispute;
  • Advising and assisting you in a business dispute resolution;
  • Legal advice on making or defending a claim, and representing you in commercial litigation in Sydney;
  • Helping you effectively manage red-tape and business regulation and compliance issues.

We tailor our legal services to your particular needs, whether you are running a company, an on-line business, a retail outlet, an IT company, a cafe or restaurant, or a firm in the manufacturing, export, creative or service industries. Legal help for small business is just a telephone call way, so contact us today.

We are approachable lawyers who will listen and then explain your options without unnecessary complexity, putting you back in charge of managing the situation, and starting a business or growing your business. After we talk to you initially, we can email you further questions so that we have enough information to provide you with big picture and strategic advice on your legal issue.

Please contact us for a confidential, no obligation, discussion about your needs in this area.