Many of our clients return with repeat business, new contracts and new business prospects on which they seek and value our legal input. Satisfying our clients is important to us, and their testimonials shows our success with clients returning and referring others to us.

Peter Kaye AM Consultgroup Pty Ltd

I am a very satisfied customer having used Stevensen Business Lawyers legal services for over 6 years. This has included commercial work, trust work, property transfers and sales, and personal matters related to will and power of attorney arrangements. What comes to mind that gives Tamira the edge is her thorough, well-informed and candid approach to all her work. Tamira does not hesitate to check with colleagues before proceeding. She has saved me time and money on many occasions and her work has been solid every time.

Jamie Merriam, Director Hit & Bounce Pty Ltd

My company, Hit & Bounce, utilised the services of Stevensen Business Lawyers in 2015 after a failed partnership. Throughout the year long legal battle, Tamira was extremely thorough, helpful and provided information which led to our success on both cases which she assisted with. We trusted Tamira on both cases and she led us to a positive outcome for us both professionally and personally.

Tamira has restored my faith in the legal system. We would come to Tamira with some ideas on how best to approach the situation, and she would be honest and tell us not to waste our money going down a long and painful legal path that she didn’t think we could win. It is our understanding that most attorneys would give you false hope whilst they charge you their hourly fee in the process.

Tamira was ALWAYS contactable. Even if she was in a meeting or with another client, she would always advise us of when she would be available. This was extremely important during those times of stress when we just HAD to speak with her. She was always respectful enough not to leave us hanging and waiting.

The hourly rate that SBL offered us was very acceptable and competitive. A lot of the times, Tamira would speak with us over the phone and not charge us for those minutes. This is rare in the legal industry.

We are confident in saying that if we had not used SBL for our legal battle, we would not have been able to succeed as we did. We sincerely appreciate Tamira’s time and effort and would highly recommend her to anyone who has the unfortunate need for any business legal matters.

Rebecca Woolrych, Owner R&G Training Pty Limited

I have been dealing with Tamira Stevensen for a little over 2 years in relation to setting up and selling businesses. I have been extremely pleased with the level of professionalism and advice given over the years, as a small business owner it has given me the peace of mind that a true professional is protecting my business interests. I would highly recommend Tamira, as I am sure you would be extremely happy with the services that she provides.

JoAnne Dooner, Director Get Reading Right Pty Ltd

As a small business owner, I had reached out to Stevensen Business Lawyers to help me work through a dispute with my business partner. Tamira walked me through my position on a number of issues that were components of the dispute, and helped to identify ways we could move forward that were mutually beneficial.

Tamira was always prompt in all forms of communications, provided valuable advice, and was always flexible and able to work with me around my schedule.

When it came to costs, frankly I expected to receive a much larger bill! Tamira’s fees were more than reasonable. I received great value for money.

With this in mind, I couldn’t be happier recommending Tamira to anyone working in a small business that needs legal support. She is intelligent, confident and approachable. I couldn’t be happier with the service I received.