Principal Lawyer

  • Tamira Stevensen [BA (Hons) Sydney, LLB UNSW] is a senior commercial and business lawyer. She believes that there is a better way for a business lawyer to help – a practical, commonsense way.
  • Tamira has been a solicitor since 1991. When assisting small businesses Tamira draws upon her solid corporate and commercial law experience. This includes as a senior litigator at a small Sydney CBD-based commercial law firm and as a contracts, transactions and large projects lawyer at a large national law firm.
  • Clients appreciate her practical and solutions-oriented approach and her ability to provide efficient and commercially savvy solutions to legal issues impacting upon businesses.
  • Tamira has more than 20 years experience in commercial law and contracts with a range of clients including public companies, universities, inventors, private companies, franchisees and small businesses.
  • Tamira has many years experience in resolving large and small business disputes and in representing parties to commercial litigation in a range of legal areas including:
    1. Breach of Contract disputes
    2. Partnership disputes
    3. Partnership breakups
    4. Shareholder disputes
    5. Breaches of Director Duties (Corporations and company law)
    6. Australian Consumer Law (consumer guarantees, warranties, misleading and deceptive conduct)
    7. Intellectual Property (copyright infringement, trademark infringement, passing off)
    8. Resources Law (energy, agriculture and mining)
    9. Defamation Law (publishing, social media).
  • Tamira has also worked on compliance and regulation issues for large to small sized businesses as well as for government agencies such as the NSW Office of Energy, the NSW Department of Mineral Resources, the Victorian Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and Agriculture Victoria.