Proven track record – experience matters

We’d love to tell you exact cases and results we achieved for our clients, but due to client confidentiality we have to be more subtle in “blowing our own trumpet”. So without mentioning names, here are some successes with results that really have made an impact on our clients.

  • We are proud of our track record in negotiating settlements of business disputes including complex and large cases where we achieved significant damage awards to our clients who initiated the legal action.
  • We’d rather settle than go to trial! And so we’ll do all we can to bring the other party to the table. Our approach is consistently proving successful as we have an excellent track record in overseeing business litigation and getting it resolved before trial.
  • We think about the outcome – not just the ‘rules’, for example, we have actively represented defendants to legal action including several cases in which the defendants paid significantly less than the amount originally claimed or less than the other defendants.
  • We just don’t believe in one size fits all when it comes to contracts, thus we continually are being asked to prepare tailored contracts for clients in a broad range of industries. These contracts are designed to meet specific requirements, reinforce each business’s unique approach and protect each business’s interests.
  • We’re a great asset right from the beginning of your business. Working together with tax advisers and accountants, we have structured commercial transactions to establish tax effective business start-ups.
  • We keep an eye on what’s going on and changing with the law – so you don’t have to! We regularly provide clients with quality legal advice which helps these businesses effectively manage the impact of legislation in a variety of industries and legal areas impacting businesses.