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Are Memoranda of Understanding or Heads of Agreement a Binding Contract?

That depends really. If two businesses or organisations are entering into big or complicated projects or relationships, sometimes people on either side like the idea of a symbol of commitment before the final contract. Maybe there’s pressure from the bank or other outside stakeholders. It’s like an engagement, something you do to show each other and the world that you are committed to each other and will marry in due course, before the big day of the final legal contract.



Unfair contract terms: Recent cases on Australian Consumer Law

As shown by recent contract law cases under the Australian Consumer Law, a small business can have unfair contract terms voided by a Court when a contract is offered by a business-to-business supplier on a take-it-or-leave-it-basis, the contract provisions are too one-sided in favour of the supplier, and resulted in harm to the small business complainant.



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