"We help business owners through all stages and developments in their business by working with clients to achieve strategic and practical outcomes, cost effectively. This includes legal advice, business contracts and advocacy for:"

Starting & Growing A Business

Buying a business? Invented a product? Expanding and joining the big players? You need expert legal advice.

Debt Recovery

Knowing your legal rights, as well as how to enforce them can be complex. Let us simplify the process and help you achieve your best outcomes.

Business Disputes

Problems with business partners or suppliers? Received a letter of demand? We will fully inform you about your options to sue or mediate and how much they will cost.

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Compliance and Regulation Issues

Small Business Protections under the Australian Consumer Law

We aim to give you commonsense, strategic and to the point advice on all legal issues affecting your business.

We will give you a clear assessment of your position and possible options across a range of areas.



Unfair contract terms

Small businesses now have protections under the Australian Consumer Law for standard form contracts containing “unfair” provisions.¹ The Australian Consumer Law (ACL)² prohibits any “unfair” provision being included in a “standard form contract” which is a “small business contract”, entered into or renewed since 12 November 2016 in relation to goods or services or the grant of an interest in land.