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Problems with business partners or suppliers? Received a letter of demand? We will fully inform you about your options to sue or mediate and how much they will cost.

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Crowd-Sourced Funding – a New Type of Company to Attract Investors to Your Business

The latest amendments to the Corporations Act extend Crowd-Sourced Funding Rights to private companies as well as unlisted public companies. The Amending Act removes the need for a proprietary company to convert to an unlisted private public company before seeking crowd-sourced funding. This means a private company which has more

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Unfair Dismissal: When is Fair Fair?

Unfair dismissal is a legal action under the Fair Work Act 2009 available to employees who have had their employment terminated in a situation where their sacking is harsh, unjust, or unreasonable. Unfair dismissal is not the same as unlawful dismissal or wrongful dismissal. As ever, the devil is in

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Unfair Contract Terms: Cases on Small Business Protections under the Australian Consumer Law

As shown by recent contract law cases under the Australian Consumer Law, a small business can have unfair contract terms voided by a Court when a contract is offered by a B2B supplier on a take-it-or-leave-it-basis, the contract provisions are too one-sided in favour of the supplier, and resulted in harm

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Directors Duties: Corporate law summary for small companies

Corporate law for small businesses in Australia is now about company directors duties, and not just company directors duties owed to shareholders, but company duties owed to other stakeholders as well. What are the duties of a director of a company? How have directors duties become stricter? There was a time

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  • I am a very satisfied customer having used Stevensen Business Lawyers legal services for over 6 years. This has included commercial work, trust work, property transfers and sales, and personal matters related to will and power of attorney arrangements. What comes to mind that gives Tamira the edge is her thorough, well-informed and candid approach to all her work. Tamira does Continue Reading

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  • My company, Hit & Bounce, utilised the services of Stevensen Business Lawyers in 2015 after a failed partnership. Throughout the year long legal battle, Tamira was extremely thorough, helpful and provided information which led to our success on both cases which she assisted with. We trusted Tamira on both cases and she led us to a positive outcome for us Continue Reading

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