Business Contracts

Stevensen Business Lawyers are contract law and commercial law specialists.

We can write easily-understandable business contracts and commercial agreements for you, free of legal jargon, which minimises your risk and maximises your protection. In doing so, we draw on our long experience in reviewing and updating contracts and agreements.

We help you identify your commercial goals, and then we draft appropriate business contracts or review any proposed agreements with your goals in mind.

Your business contracts need to fit your commercial needs and circumstances. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t use a ‘one size fits all template. Our service will provide you with commercial agreements tailored to your business.


When you appoint Stevensen Business Lawyers as your commercial lawyers, we can:
• Review business contracts you are considering signing and explain your rights and obligations before you commit yourself;
• Suggest amendments to protect your commercial interests;
• Negotiate on your behalf with solicitors for other parties to protect your interests;
• Advise you on the law applying to a proposed business contract or commercial agreement;
• Prepare terms and conditions for online businesses which cover all online transactions with customers;
• Advise you on steps to be taken if someone breaches a contract with you; and
• Advise you on your response to a claim that you have breached a contract.

Contact us to speak to a contract lawyer about your contract agreement requirements.

When you are growing your business by negotiating with more prominent players in your industry, we can also assist you by reviewing and negotiating updates to the complex agreements they often put forward.

Where you are putting in a tender for a big project, we can review the proforma supplier terms and conditions and work with you to prepare the ‘exceptions table’ for you to submit to the project manager with your tender submission.


We advise on all types of business contracts and commercial agreements. These include:

  1. Share Sale Agreements, Share Subscription Agreements,
    Shareholders’ Agreements,
  2. Partnership Agreements, Discretionary Trusts, or Unit-holders’ Agreements,
  3. Contracts for Sale of Business,
  4. Franchise Agreements & other franchise documents,
  5. Supply of Services Agreements,
  6. Independent Contractors Agreements, Consultancy Agreements, Subcontract for Supply of Services,
  7. Terms and Conditions for online businesses & e-commerce websites,
  8. Distribution Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements,
  9. Retail Premises Leases & Commercial Premises Leases,
  10. Put and Call Option Agreements,
  11. Loan Agreements and Security Documents: mortgages and securities registrable under the Personal Property Securities Act,
  12. Copyright Licences, Copyright Assignment Agreements, IP Assignment Agreements, Advertising Agreements,
  13. Software Development Agreements,
  14. Sale of Goods Agreements, Hardware Supply Agreements, Equipment Leases,
  15. Confidentiality Agreements & Non-Disclosure Deeds (NDA),
  16. Employment Contracts.

Frequently Asked Questions


That depends on several things. The nature of the transaction, its complexity, and the quality of the document will affect the fixed price fee we would charge for the initial review and a letter confirming the results.