Advertising & Marketing Law

Suppose your business invests in advertising or marketing goods or services to consumers. In that case, you should consider your obligations under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and copyright law and the benefits of having your images and copy checked by an experienced commercial lawyer before publication. We aim to be your advertising and marketing lawyer of choice when you need to consult someone about potential copyright or ACL issues with the media you have produced.

We can review your advertising materials or direct marketing material for legal compliance with the ACL and advise on potential legal risks under the ACL and its Regulations. We report on copyright law related to advertising. We also recommend comparative advertising, advertising codes of conduct, competitions and promotions, and privacy laws.

For consumers, we can advise you on commencing legal action against advertisers for breach of advertised warranties, false or misleading advertising, or other violations.

There are shorter timeframes in advertising and marketing law that you can start legal proceedings – so don’t delay contacting an advertising and marketing lawyer to discuss your complaint and evidence. As business litigation lawyers, we have long experience in misleading and deceptive conduct cases.

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Frequently Asked Questions


A ‘consumer’ under the ACL is not just a consumer of goods or services for personal, domestic, or household use. Anyone who purchases goods or services for up to $40,000 is a consumer except purchasers of financial products, financial services, and trucks. Depending on the facts and the evidence, you may have grounds for seeking redress against the supplier under the ACL, and you should get advice from a business lawyer.