How We Charge

We understand that when you are running a small business you need to know where every dollar is going. That includes knowing the cost of a business lawyer near you.

We avoid unnecessary overheads to provide value-for-money business solicitor services in Sydney for small business people and medium-sized businesses looking for a legal solution customised to their business.

We aim to get the best result for you – not the most legal fees for us.

We estimate upfront the legal costs involved in your matter and we aim to fairly bill for our costs with fixed price fees wherever possible. Our hourly charge-out rates are affordable and competitive compared to other Sydney commercial law firms.

For more straightforward legal jobs, use our fixed price Free Quote Form available on the top menu.

In business disputes and commercial litigation, not knowing how much you will be charged causes unnecessary stress. We help in minimising this stress by preparing upfront cost estimates for you, always incorporating a fixed price component no matter how large or complex your business legal matter is.

So you are clear on small business lawyer costs, and in charge of making decisions about your business law matter.

Please contact us today to find out about our lawyer consultation fee and how much we would charge for small business legal advise and representation of your business in any commercial law or employment law matter.