When you need a business lawyer, top notch expertise is at the top of the list. But affordability is a pretty close second. And finding
affordable business lawyer that provides top notch expertise, is a rare commodity.

At Stevensen Business Lawyers we offer a very competitive pricing structure for experienced commercial lawyers in Sydney. We even provide fixed up-front quotes whenever possible. So you can access affordable legal advice from specialist small business lawyers when you need it.
This makes us the smart legal choice for your business.


As a small business owners you need to keep careful track of all your resources – and money is one of the most important. Knowing the upfront costs of your business lawyer is a step in the right direction.

That’s why we:

  1. Avoid unnecessary overheads to provide value-for-money services.
  2. Aim to get the best result for you – not the most legal fees for us.
  3. Estimate your legal costs upfront.
  4. Use fixed price fees wherever possible.
  5. Ensure our hourly charge-out rates are affordable and competitive compared to other Sydney commercial law firms.


Business disputes and commercial litigations can be stressful events. And not knowing how much you will be charged causes added stress.

  • We minimise this stress by offering a free initial consultation so you can easily answer the question ‘how much does a business lawyer cost?’
  • We prepare upfront cost estimates for you, and always include a fixed price component, no matter how large or complex your business legal matter is.
  • Across our diverse range of commercial law services, we aim to be your number one choice for affordable business lawyers.

Get in touch with us today to find out the lawyers’ consultation fees for your matter.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you ask for an upfront deposit?

It is standard practice for solicitors to ask for a deposit prior to beginning a matter. It’s usually in an amount equal to our fees for the initial legal work plus any upfront expenses (if any).

Your deposit will be put into our general trust account and managed according to the requirements of clause 42 of the Legal Profession Uniform General Rules (NSW) 2015. This requires us to keep the money in trust until your work is completed and billed to your satisfaction. Only then will we be paid our professional fees.

Solicitors are often required to hold money on behalf of other people. This could be money held on behalf of a client to pay for expenses such as stamp duty. Or it could be client money held on account of anticipated professional fees.

In New South Wales solicitors are required by Sections 135 and 144(2) (b) of the Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW) 2015 to hold any such monies as trust money in a separate bank account, and to disburse those monies as directed by the person on whose behalf the money is being held.