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Since 2006, Stevensen Business Lawyers has been providing expert legal advice as lawyers for small businesses locally, and for medium businesses nationwide. We’re proud to help Australian businesses with their legal and business advice needs across many industries.


At SBL we’re lawyers for small to medium businesses, including:

  • Online companies, retailers and franchisees.
  • Media companies, publishingand marketing firms, inventors and creatives.
  • Food industry such as caterers, cafes and restaurants.
  • Information technology firms, suppliers and investors.
  • Engineering and construction contractors and subcontractors.
  • Allied health services.
  • Theatre companies, event management companies and education and seminar supplier companies.
  • Employers and recruiters.


Our Customer First Approach

Customer first approach.

As lawyers for small and medium businesses, our approach is always customer first – your business, your goals and your best outcomes.

Tailored advice.

Together we’ll help you identify your main goals so we can tailor our advice and solutions for you.

Speak your language.

We deliver our legal expertise in plain English. From answering questions to preparing contracts, we speak and write in a way that non-lawyers can understand. By doing this, we avoid ambiguities that could result in confusion or court action later.

Transparent processes.

We’ll always be upfront and will answer any questions around cost, potential timeframes, any and all processes, and necessary documentation.

Offer expert advice.

We’re here to give you experienced advice on all aspects of your matter. This includes how you can protect your rights and whether or not you should go to a full court hearing or settle via mediation.

Common-sense approach to pricing.

With fixed prices and upfront quotes available on request, you’ll never have to wonder about the costs in your matter.

Whether you need Terms & Conditions or have a complex business dispute, we’re approachable lawyers for small business who will listen and explain your options. And we’ll keep you informed at all times, allowing you to control your legal decisions.

At SBL, we have a common-sense approach to pricing with fixed prices and upfront quotes available on request.

Our Mission

“To become the leading provider of high-quality, relevant, and accessible legal services to small to medium enterprises in Inner-West Sydney, Western Sydney, and the Sydney metropolitan area. To assist each client in achieving the best business results, strategically and efficiently, for flat fees wherever possible.”


After years of experience as an advisor in large organisations, Tamira Stevensen set up Stevensen Business Lawyers in 2006. Her goal – to provide quality legal services delivered consistently and cost-effectively to start-ups and small businesses. This includes drawing upon the expertise of a broad professional network, including courtroom, employment relations and taxation specialists when needed.

Since then, SBL has remained the trusted advisor for many clients growing their businesses. From your first contact with us, we’ll provide you with quality, value-for-money small business legal services, including offering fixed-fee quotes in most cases.

We speak to business owners and operators every day and understand the difficulties of starting, running and growing a business. We know how busy you are in the day-to-day running of your business. From start to finish, we can manage your legal issue by email if you prefer. Or you can receive regular updates by telephone, Zoom or email, or meet us in our office located in Marrickville, Sydney.


Don’t hesitate to contact us for a confidential, no-obligation discussion about your legal needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I deal with a business lawyer as opposed to doing some of the groundwork myself?

Stevensen Business Lawyers are lawyers for small business. We work with small businesses, not just for them. As your lawyers for small business, we think about your business and your expenses – not just the final bill.

Yes, we encourage you to do some of the legwork, if you have the time and inclination. But you’ll have our guidance and an informed strategy formulated at the start of the process. This will allow you to keep your legal costs down. We believe your input and active engagement in your matter could lead to better outcomes.

Unlike many local suburban lawyers, we’re not side-tracked with clients buying property, going through a divorce or planning a prenup. When you make a booking with us, you will be seeing a dedicated and experienced commercial lawyer without paying for fancy overheads you don’t need. Come and see for yourself.

We want you to be a client and a friend, and are highly committed to transparent, open communication. At our initial meeting or consultation, we’ll get to know you and your business, to learn how to best achieve your legal outcomes.

We also know how busy our business clients are. As small business owners ourselves, we recognise your time is valuable. So, after our initial meeting, we’ll try to limit face-to-face meeting time while ensuring that you’re always kept in the loop. We’ll use e-mail to inform you of any new developments in your case and usually telephone you when seeking your input.

Be in communication, be upfront and give us all the information you can. You can ask all the questions you need. After you sign or accept a written retainer agreement with us and pay your deposit, we will get on with the legal work. We may ask for further clarification from you of a particular point related to the factual circumstances.

We aim to foster a teamwork approach with you. So, during each step of the process, we’ll encourage your input. You know your business best. And your insights can often help foster our knowledge of your matter and, ultimately, tailor our legal strategy to meet your specific requirements. So the best way to work with us is to keep us fully informed of any new developments in your case.

We encourage you to ask any questions you may have arising from our written advice to you. This provides an opportunity to fine-tune your strategy to better align with your goals. If at any time we use legal words that are unfamiliar or if anything is being said that you do not understand, we’re happy to clarify or explain.

Before finalising any documents we’ll send you a draft to review. We’d love to hear your suggestions and comments. At other times, we may ask for more information about a particular point.

We value your feedback on any documents we prepare.

This gives us a good opportunity to tailor these documents to your circumstances.