Are you looking for business lawyers, Sydney? We provide various small business services, including dispute resolution, contract review and legal assistance. Please get in touch with us for an obligation-free consultation with a commercial lawyer to outline your specific situation and obtain an initial assessment of how next best to proceed.

For legal advice on whether your advertising copy is legally compliant, or if someone else’s material is not, contact us.

We think it’s important to write business contracts that non-lawyers can understand and that are tailored for each specific scenario, not one-size-fits-all.

Setting up the company, partnership or trust structure correctly from the outset can save you tax, make business disputes less likely, and help attract investor finance. We advise on all aspects.

Whether you are a buyer or seller (vendor), we can help you with clear contracts in plain English and prepare or review them promptly to make the process smoother.

We can assist with legal advice on debt recovery options or resolving a dispute over monies you claim.

Knowing when to settle and litigate comes from experience and in-depth knowledge of legal and commercial practicalities. We work with clients to resolve business disputes.

We review and update Employment Contracts and represent businesses in employment disputes, including unfair dismissal claims.

We can help franchisees fully understand the franchisor’s deal and their rights.

Registering trademarks and protecting your intellectual property from rip-offs and misrepresentations is one of the top priorities of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Our intellectual property lawyers can help you.

With our legal expertise, we have been helping small to medium enterprises for more than ten years. At Stevensen Business Lawyers, we don’t just see the legal angles, and we see the whole business picture.

Contact us before entering into a retail premise or commercial lease, all with any questions about an existing lease.

Our small business lawyers have extensive experience meeting small business legal needs across many industries and focus on providing relevant and quality legal advice.

Contact us for specialist assistance in producing IT services agreements clarifying the working relationship and expectations in your boutique IT project.