How We Work

Our approach to legal issues is practical and pragmatic, and our communications direct and to-the-point. Drawing on our many years experience as specialist business lawyers working in Sydney, we will talk you through various options of managing your legal issue or business contract or employment contract, and the legal fees for each of them, so you can make an informed decision on which way to go.

We provide straightforward and concise advice on all areas of business law.

  • What is it going to cost?
  • How long is it going to take?
  • What documentation is needed?
  • How can you protect your rights?
  • What are you likely to gain from settling or going to a full Court hearing?

You don’t need to get caught up in industry jargon and confusing legal terms. Our service approach is to keep you informed, speak in plain English and get-to-the-point quickly, allowing you to be in control of your legal decisions.

By keeping the contracts, agreements and terms and conditions we prepare for you in plain English we avoid ambiguities that could result in confusion or court action later.

At your first consultation with us, we aim to:

  • Discuss the main factual circumstances with you.
  • Gain an understanding of your goals and expectations.
  • Discuss possible options and consequences of each.
  • Identify as best we can the legal issues or problems represented by the discussion of the facts with you.
  • Together with you, formulate a possible strategy or a course of action to achieve your goals (which may change over time as more information comes to light).
  • Identify the first step and the legal work involved in answering your questions.
  • If there are documents we need to look at before we scope the legal work involved, identify what they are.
  • Outline to you the steps involved and a rough time schedule for the different steps.

Your first half an hour with us is free and with no obligation, and together, we can achieve a lot in just 30 minutes. Retaining us as your business lawyer involves four steps:

1. Make an appointment
2. Identify your goals
3. Talk to us
4. Receive our cost estimate and give us the go-ahead

1. Making an appointment
One of our business solicitors will initially discuss your case will contracts by telephone with you. To make your initial appointment with us please telephone or e-mail – remember, the first half an hour is free with no obligation. When you make a booking it is helpful to give us a brief summary of your situation. That helps us to more quickly assess your matter.

2. Identify your goals
Before your initial consultation with us, we suggest you identify the key goals you wish us to help you achieve. Prepare questions you wish to ask of us. If you are contacting us about a business dispute, please write down the major points of your case, and identify papers which you think may explain the situation. Those notes will assist you to explain the factual circumstances to us.

3. Talk to us
Even before you retain us as your business lawyers we undertake to keep your discussions with us confidential. So that we can work most effectively for you, it is very important that you be completely frank and open and keep us fully aware of the circumstances of your case, even things you think are not in your favour. We can then factor that into the options we present to you from the start rather than reacting to surprises later on. Your first consultation with us is a chance for you to get to know our approach and to be sure you are comfortable working with us.

4. After the initial consultation
Shortly after your initial consultation with us, your business lawyer will scope the legal work involved and send you our Cost Estimate for the legal work, including our proposed written retainer agreement with you. Sometimes before scoping the work involved we wish to see certain key documents for instance, a contract, or receive from you other key information identified through our initial discussions.

Generally, we ask for a deposit into our Solicitor’s Trust Account before we start the work, to cover upfront expenses (such as building inspection reports) as well as our professional fees for the initial work involved. According to the Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW) 2015 and the Legal Profession Uniform General Rules (NSW) 2015, we can’t withdraw the money from our Solicitor’s Trust Account until the work has been completed and billed to your satisfaction.