Legal Advice for Enterprises

Getting expert and affordable business legal advice for your small or medium business can be a challenge. Some legal experts only work with large corporate firms, and have the price point to match. Some don’t have the time to focus on smaller matters – or the expertise in the legal field.

Stevensen Business Lawyers are experienced Sydney-based lawyers that specialise in providing straightforward and concise business legal advice for SMEs on all business and commercial law areas.

At SBL we don’t see merely the legal angles. We see the commercial angles and the entire business picture as well. So we are in a unique position to help you achieve your overall commercial goals.


What We Do


We’ll give you common-sense, strategic, and to-the-point advice on all legal issues affecting your business.

We do this by:

  • Speaking your language. We explain your options without unnecessary complexity. Focussing on the big picture. We assist you throughout your business journey, from start-up, through growth and development, to the expansion and even sale of your business.
  • Helping you through challenges. We resolve partnership, business or workplace disputes that may arise along the way.


As one of our regular clients we’ll provide you with prompt business legal advice on day-to-day questions without an expensive retainer. We only charge for the time spent.


And because we already have a relationship with you, and understand your needs and industry, we can jump in with very little lead time. With this option you’re in an excellent position to proactively avoid legal risks and disputes and further your own business goals.


We don’t just provide bespoke contracts (though we can do that too!). We also help you set up contract templates to supply services or goods to customers. This means you have what you need on hand to optimise your own business.

We also have years of experience helping clients refine their customer acquisition process. We do this by:

  • Writing a customised template for supply terms and conditions, that reflect the client’s unique business model and processes.
  • Setting up templates with electronic signatures to automate the document signing process.

Get in touch for a confidential, no-obligation discussion about your business’s needs!

Frequently Asked Questions


What industries do you specialise in?

Since 2006, Stevensen Business Lawyers has provided business legal advice to clients across a range of industries. Some of these are:

  • Online businesses, retailers and franchisees.
  • Media companies, publishing and marketing firms, inventors and creatives.
  • Food industry companies, such as caterers, cafes and restaurants.
  • Engineering and information technology firms, suppliers and investors.
  • Allied health services,
  • Theatre companies, event management companies and education and seminar supplier companies.
  • Employment industry businesses including recruiters and employers.

We provide our clients with services in all aspects of business law and commercial law. That means we develop a deepening knowledge of the client’s business and their industry.

When you’re setting up a new business, your legal needs are more obvious. You’ll need your lawyer to prepare or review supply T&Cs for your customers, employment agreements for your staff and trademark registration for your branding. This can involve retaining lawyers on an ad hoc basis.

Our clients see value for money when we can help them identify and manage issues before they become more critical. This is particularly important when there is a lot of money at stake.

As small business lawyers we can help provide ongoing legal business advice in all aspects of business and commercial law.

Several of our growing and established clients are proactive in managing legal issues and contacting us at the early stage of a legal matter. This makes it less distracting to their core task of getting on with business. For that reason, several clients have ongoing contact with us if and when the need arises. A more obvious touchpoint is when our growing or more established clients have a contract or agreement to review, we bring to that review process our pre-existing knowledge of the client’s business and industry.

Yes! All legal advice that we provide to you is covered by client legal privilege (sometimes called ‘legal professional privilege’). This common law right means that any legal advice given by us to you remains confidential and we can only disclose it if instructed by you to do so.

In Australia only qualified lawyers can provide legal advice. It’s also important to seek out a lawyer who is an expert in the area that you need when looking to obtain legal advice.