Legal Advice for Enterprises


Are you after specialised business law advice for your SME?  Stevensen Business Lawyers are specialists and experienced Sydney-based lawyers providing straightforward and concise legal advice on all business and commercial law areas. We don’t see merely the legal angles. We see the commercial angles and the entire business picture to help you achieve your commercial goals.

We aim to give you common-sense, strategic, and to-the-point advice on all legal issues affecting your business. We will explain your options without unnecessary complexity.

We can assist you throughout your business journey, from start-up, growth, and development into a company or other corporate entity, to the expansion and sale of your business. We can resolve partnership, business or workplace disputes that may arise along the way.


Regular clients can regularly keep in touch with us and promptly obtain business legal advice on day-to-day questions without paying an expensive retainer. We only charge for the time spent and already understand our clients’ needs and industry. Clients that take up this offer proactively avoid legal risks and disputes.


We help SME clients set up contract templates to supply services or goods to customers. We have years of experience assisting clients in several industries refine their customer acquisition process by:

  • Writing a customised template for Supply T&Cs, reflecting the client’s uniqueness in its business model and processes;
  • Setting up templates with electronic signatures to automate the document signing process.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a confidential, no-obligation discussion about your business’s needs, either one-off or ongoing.

Frequently Asked Questions


Since 2006, Stevensen Business Lawyers has advised clients across a range of industries including:

  • Online businesses, retailers, franchisees;
  • Media companies, publishing, marketing firms, inventors, creatives,
  • Food industry: caterers/cafes/restaurants,
  • Engineering and Information Technology firms: suppliers & investors,
  • Allied health services;
  • Theatre companies, event management companies, education and seminar supplier companies;
  • Employment: recruiters, employers.

By providing our clients with services in all aspects of business law and commercial law, we develop a deepening knowledge of the client’s business and their industry.