Many of our clients return with repeat business, new contracts and new business prospects on which they seek and value our legal input. Satisfying our clients is important to us, and their testimonials show our success with clients returning and referring others to us.

“I am very happy working with Tamira at Stevensen Business Lawyers, and she has provided legal services for my company for over 10 years. This has included contract work, legal advice, and commercial property matters.

“Tamira is prompt, thorough and provides logical and clear interpretations of the legal jargon, helping me and my staff to work through complex matters. Tamira is reasonably priced, and her services are efficient and save me a lot of time by providing convenient remote meetings.”

Tien Stafidas - Director, Richbox

“Early in 2019, I had to relocate my practice with little notice, and as quickly as possible. Tamira understood the challenges my business was facing and successfully negotiated a favourable lease on our new landlord. Her thorough knowledge of contracts and property law and experience with small business practices proved very valuable.

“She understood that this was a very stressful time, and her timely communication and calm manner made this process as smooth as possible. I would not hesitate to recommend Tamira and Stevensen Business Lawyers for small business legal services.”

James Sullivan - Owner, Earlwood Podiatry

“Tamira handled a business separation for us, and we found her both professional and easy to deal with. Tamira always ensured we fully understood our options and was clear and precise with information relating to our matter. Tamira achieved the outcome we had hoped for, and we would recommend her services completely.”

Rod & Karen Hurley, Former Owners - Swimwear Fashion Label

“We have been using Tamira Stevensen’s services for almost 5 years, from setting up our business to ongoing legal support. Tamira has played a key role in supporting the growth of our business. We have been delighted with the level of professionalism, advice, and response time. We would highly recommend Tamira, and we are sure any future client would be extremely happy with the services she provides.”

Andrew Manning - CEO, Eftech International

“We found Tamira to be very professional and to the point. Her advice was very practical, and her fees reasonable and unsurprising. We would choose Tamira again to represent us should the need arise.”

Andrew Simpson - Former Owner, Branding and Visual Communications Agency

“We have been impressed with the professionalism and friendly nature of Stevensen Lawyers. Tamira has been very helpful and flexible in dealing with our situation. We will definitely continue using her services.”

Ariane Psomotragos - Senior Campaigns Consultant

“I gladly recommend Tamira Stevensen and her legal work. I’ve engaged her over many years for business contracts and found her work thorough, accurate, and she promptly responds to communications I send. That makes for an efficient and trusting relationship.”

Nita Koukedes - Commercial Property Industry

“Tamira helped us to successfully terminate a very complex and one-sided contract with a strata plan service provider. It was a matter that other large firms that focus on strata contracts advised was unwinnable. With a matter so complex and technical from a legal perspective, I am certain that we would not have been successful if we dealt with a much larger firm. Tamira was across the detail, which was evident at several hearings at NCAT. She provided big firm experience in a boutique service.”

Troy Nicholson - Strata Committee Member

“We have been utilising the legal services of Stevenson Business Lawyers for over 10 years and are very pleased with the advice and help. Tamira has always been thorough and sincere in her approach and advice. I always felt comfortable enough to discuss the issues to get honest suggestions and guidance. Many times, we had to work on tight deadlines for contracts, and Tamira always understood the urgency and helped. Happy to recommend the services of Stevenson Business Lawyers for any Australian business.”

Maria Padisetti - CEO, Digital Armour

“My company, Hit & Bounce, utilised the services of Stevensen Business Lawyers in 2015 after a failed partnership. Throughout the year long legal battle, Tamira was extremely thorough, helpful and provided information which led to our success on both cases which she assisted with. We trusted Tamira on both cases and she led us to a positive outcome for us both professionally and personally.

“Tamira has restored my faith in the legal system. We would come to Tamira with some ideas on how best to approach the situation, and she would be honest and tell us not to waste our money going down a long and painful legal path that she didn’t think we could win. It is our understanding that most attorneys would give you false hope whilst they charge you their hourly fee in the process.

“Tamira was ALWAYS contactable. Even if she was in a meeting or with another client, she would always advise us of when she would be available. This was extremely important during those times of stress when we just HAD to speak with her. She was always respectful enough not to leave us hanging and waiting.

“The hourly rate that SBL offered us was very acceptable and competitive. A lot of the times, Tamira would speak with us over the phone and not charge us for those minutes. This is rare in the legal industry.

“We are confident in saying that if we had not used SBL for our legal battle, we would not have been able to succeed as we did. We sincerely appreciate Tamira’s time and effort and would highly recommend her to anyone who has the unfortunate need for any business legal matters.”

Jamie Merriam - Director Hit & Bounce Pty Ltd

“I am a very satisfied customer having used Stevensen Business Lawyers legal services for over 6 years. This has included commercial work, trust work, property transfers and sales, and personal matters related to will and power of attorney arrangements. What comes to mind that gives Tamira the edge is her thorough, well-informed and candid approach to all her work. Tamira does not hesitate to check with colleagues before proceeding. She has saved me time and money on many occasions and her work has been solid every time.”

Peter Kaye - AM Consultgroup Pty Ltd

“As a small business owner, I had reached out to Stevensen Business Lawyers to help me work through a dispute with my business partner. Tamira walked me through my position on a number of issues that were components of the dispute and helped to identify ways we could move forward that were mutually beneficial. Tamira was always prompt in all forms of communications, provided valuable advice, and was always flexible and able to work with me around my schedule. Tamira’s fees were more than reasonable. I received great value for money. With this in mind, I couldn’t be happier recommending Tamira to anyone working in a small business that needs legal support. She is intelligent, confident and approachable. I couldn’t be happier with the service I received.”

JoAnne Dooner - Director, Get Reading Right Pty Ltd

“I have been dealing with Tamira Stevensen for a little over 2 years in relation to setting up and selling businesses. I have been extremely pleased with the level of professionalism and advice given over the years, as a small business owner it has given me the peace of mind that a true professional is protecting my business interests. I would highly recommend Tamira, as I am sure you would be extremely happy with the services that she provides.”

Rebecca Woolrych - Owner, R&G Training Pty Limited

“Stevensen Business Lawyers swift grasp of complicated I.T. services and explaining them coherently in customer-facing contracts was refreshing.”

Giles - IT & Online Marketing Services Provider

“Over the last five years we have called on Stevensen Business lawyers to help us navigate the challenges of a fast-growing business. All of the work Stevensen Business Lawyers have undertaken for us has been focused and well-executed.

“We find the advice we’ve been given is thorough and always very practical.

“We take comfort in knowing that our legal requirements will be well looked after by Tamira Stevensen.”

Chris - Company Director, Catering Business

“My experience was great, everything was handled professionally and I was satisfied with the outcome. I had bought a business that was a dud. Stevensen Business Lawyers wrote to the seller demanding a refund, and then negotiated a settlement I was happy with.”

Cameron - Small Business Owner

“I knew from when I first met Tamira Stevensen that she would do the right thing by me. She explained things clearly to me. At the time, I was trying to recover a debt of over $100,000 that I had spent years trying to recover.

“I came to Stevensen Business Lawyers, on my son’s recommendation, as they are his lawyers for his business. Before that, I had already employed another lawyer to help me, but he didn’t get me very far, and wanted to charge me big money to keep going. That other lawyer also talked down to me.

“With Tamira’s help, we went to court and had my case heard by a Judge. Although being a witness in court for the first time in my life was stressful for me, I felt that every step of the way Tamira was fighting hard for my case, and doing the best by me, and without costing me an arm and a leg in legal fees.

“I won my case, and got my money back with interest, which was an enormous relief to me, and makes a big difference to my day-to-day life. I have no hesitation in recommending Tamira as your lawyer.”

Nicholas - Retiree

“I felt Stevensen Business Lawyers really wanted to solve the problem for us – and they did.”

Andrew - CEO, Online Business Platform

“Tamira helped us in a debt resolution case that we eventually resolved through the small claims division of the local court. Two aspects of Tamira’s service really stood out for me. The first was that she took the time to really understand the issue and diligently reviewed our case to provide genuine insight into our options. In particular, we wanted to be sure that we were indeed in the right before we proceeded, and she walked us through our actions, the actions of the other party, to provide a solid framework for us to feel confident that we had a case. At a given point in the matter, her service’s second and best attribute was to advise us to self-represent. Given the nature of the claim, Tamira gave us genuine advice on how to proceed without her. In doing so, she ultimately limited her potential revenue from the project, but to my mind, this demonstrates her integrity. Thank you for all your help, Tamira.”

James - Director, IT services provider

“Tamira helped us set up a sub-consultancy agreement under an existing contract, which had complexities we could not understand, let alone manage, without her help. She asked clear questions, gave clear advice, and met our tight time frames.”

Sav Shimada - Engineer & Director, Acoustic Studio

“Tamira was able to get up to speed with an unusual and sensitive legal issue quickly and effectively. Her ability to adjust to the issue’s requirements and source additional expert advice was excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend Tamira to any small business.”

Michael Menzies - CEO, Remember Creative

“Tamira has provided valuable advice in setting up a new business, planning for capital raising, and commercial leasing. Her advice is practical, reasonably priced and always seeks to mitigate risk should things not work out the way you have planned.”

Daniel Smith - Small business owner

“We have worked with Tamira for approximately seven years now on several commercial matters. This includes everything from working through a straightforward commercial lease, normal business matters such as developing employment contracts all the way through to handling a very complex matter spanning multiple years and multiple parties.
Even when presented with hefty and unique challenges, Tamira seemingly effortlessly works through everything with us. She brings decades of experience, intellect, hard work, candour, and even a sense of humour, making her very easy to work with.
Tamira has helped us gain favourable outcomes in all cases and has never let us down. Stevensen Business Lawyers remains our port of call for all things legal, and they should be yours too.”

Geoffrey Ongley - CEO, Get Reading Right and Training 24/7

“I engaged Tamira’s services to help me through the legal process of buying a new business. I found her incredibly thorough, knowledgeable and friendly throughout the process. I would be happy to recommend her to other business owners.”

Paul Coles - Advertising Agency Owner

“I obtained Stevensen Business Lawyers’ support a few years ago, after being ill-advised by another firm and facing a legal challenge resulting from poorly written contracts. Tamira understood the challenge my practice was facing and was very responsive, knowledgeable and thorough in ensuring all business documentation adhered to relevant regulations. I found her attention to detail absolutely excellent, her approach warm and professional. I continue consulting with Tamira from time to time as I feel the legal side of things is always well taken care of, bringing immense peace of mind. I have recommended Tamira’s services to several other small business owners and cannot speak highly enough about her to anyone in need of some business legal support.”

Isabelle - Owner and Director, Speech Pathology practice

“I have used Stevensen Business Lawyers multiple times in the past and could not recommend them any higher. Their work is always timely, reliable and accurate, and they are a trusted supplier for business law dealings.”

Steve Bell, Clean Technology Controls

“I have used Tamira Stevensen on a couple of occasions now. I have found her work exemplary in all facets, diligent, hardworking and attention to detail, giving an honest appraisal of the work involved and costs. I would highly recommend her work and certainly will use her again in the future.”

Geoff Threlfo, Private Investigator

“Stevensen Business Lawyers assisted in resolving a distressing dispute. I greatly appreciated Tamira’s professionalism in helping us deal with the complexities of the law. She clearly explained the options and effectively represented us during the mediation process. I highly recommend her.”

Virginia Choy, Pretaweb

“Stevensen Business Lawyers provided me with timely, efficient and highly effective legal advice. Tamira is a dedicated professional who understands the needs of a small business owner and has an excellent ability to translate complex legal terms into simple to understand concepts. Stevensen Business Lawyers guided my company through multiple contract negotiations that allowed me to avoid unnecessary costs and bypass restrictive business contracts that would have hampered my ability to grow my small business.”

Robert – Small Business Owner

“Tamira helped me with my business separation. That matter was very complicated, and the other directors were very challenging to deal with. Tamira handled the case with patience and care. She really gave professional and mental support during my most stressful time. Only because of her did I get out of that situation smoothly. I will definitely recommend her for any business legal services. “

Nina - Company Director, Government Contractor