pink piggybank on a wooden table next to a laptop for business lawyer fees

Business Lawyer Fees 

When running a small business you need to know where every dollar is going. That includes understanding your business lawyer’s fees.

At Stevensen Business Lawyers we’re open and transparent about our legal fee structure from your first meeting with us. And because we’re confident that we’re some of the best business lawyers  in the industry, we’re happy to give you a free initial consultation as well. We want you to be confident in us from day one.

Our pricing structure is very competitive for experienced commercial lawyers Sydney, including fixed-fee costs stated upfront. We aim to add value by providing excellent legal outcomes through affordable fees.

At Stevensen Business Lawyers, we provide straightforward and concise legal advice on all areas of business law. We use plain English so that non-lawyers can understand the legal complexities and make informed decisions.


Our expert team is on hand to answer any questions you have about our fees or pricing, or help you with legal advice or solutions. Book now for a free consultation.