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Case Studies

Our clients – and their results – are the best testimonials for our work.

The case studies here demonstrate how Stevensen Business Lawyers add value through the provision of expert legal business advice based on our experience and specialisation in business law and commercial litigation.

Over the years, we have helped clients in the process of growing their business and in resolving commercial disputes as and when they arise. Below are some examples.

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We created quality contracts to help our client meet his due diligence requirements for the sale of his business to a publicly listed company.

Our client was an early entrant as an online technology platform established during the dot-com boom. When the market began to contract, our client focused on refining his company’s customer acquisition processes. To do this, we helped prepare customised terms and conditions for their supply of services to customers online and software distribution agreements with their customers.

A few years later, a publicly listed company acquired our client’s business, and merged the industry with its other acquisitions. This meant that they became the dominant supplier in the sector. The purchaser was satisfied with the suite of contracts we had prepared for our client’s business as their go-to Sydney business lawyer. They also obtained our help in reviewing and updating their supplier’s terms and conditions to better manage and share risk with their suppliers.


How we facilitated a commercial and pragmatic approach by our client to win a sizeable tender job.

About ten years ago, Alysia* came to us needing an employment contract template. She wanted to retain more staff to fulfil her vision of being dominant in her IT service sector. Since her first contact with us, Alysia has obtained our input on her day-to-day legal questions. This has included advising on intellectual property and company law matters and preparing updates to the terms and conditions of supply to her customers.

More recently, we assisted Alysia by preparing a customised contract for her company to place a tender for a significant multi-year job. Doing this well also involved identifying the business risks.

Alysia applied our risk analysis to negotiate changes to the tender contract, giving her the edge over her competitors. Alysia won that major tender, and following that job, won a major business award for services to their business sector.


By updating our client’s case we helped drive a final settlement to a complicated business dispute.

Maria* was already involved in sticky litigation with a family member and former business partner and unhappy with her previous solicitor. We identified her previous lawyer’s possible mistakes and quickly applied for the transfer of the litigation into the correct court. We consolidated our client’s case, including identifying gaps in the evidence and collecting further witness statements to fill those gaps in support of our client’s claim.

As the case progressed, we continued to brief a barrister as Maria’s representative in the court. We instructed him to update our client’s statement of claim, considering further evidence we had collected.

Throughout her time as our client, Maria expressed relief to have a solicitor that didn’t speak down to her and whose legal business advice she could trust. We negotiated a settlement of the case with the other party before the conclusion of the trial.


How our expert legal business advice helped our client manage risk at every step while starting, growing and selling a business.

Initially, Tom* came to us for legal business advice. He wanted to turn his side-gig into a business with a newly emerging service delivery model. We reviewed and updated the licence agreements for his company, the employment agreements for his staff and the commercial lease prepared by the landlord. We negotiated changes to these legal documents to better manage Tom’s legal risks in establishing a new business and premises.

Several years down the track, Tom came back to us to help him review and update the terms of a franchise agreement. We negotiated and prepared changes to the new legal document.

Over some years, Tom achieved a flourishing business. When he was ready to move on to other business opportunities, Tom retained us to act for him in selling the franchise business. Tom was handsomely rewarded in the capital gains made on selling a successful business he had started virtually from scratch.


We’d love to tell you about the exact cases and results we have achieved for our clients. But due to client confidentiality, we have to be more subtle ‘blowing our own trumpet’. So, some successes we’ve achieved for our clients includes:

  • A track record of significant damage awards in settlements of business disputes, including complex and essential cases.
  • An excellent track record in overseeing business litigation and resolving it before trial, saving our clients’ time, stress, and money.
  • Our defendants paid significantly less than the amount initially claimed after our outcomes-focused legal action on their behalf.
  • We have prepared many quality contracts that reinforce each business’s unique approach and protect each business’s interests for clients across a broad range of industries. 
  • We have structured commercial transactions to establish tax-effective business start-ups, utilising the services of professional accountants and taxation specialists.

We keep an eye on what’s going on and changing with the law – so you don’t have to! We regularly provide clients with quality legal business advice. This helps these businesses effectively manage the impact of legislation in various industries and legal areas impacting businesses.

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*  We have changed the names to protect the confidentiality of our clients in their legal matters.