Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Business disputes happen.

If your business needs legal advice about a problem or an impending legal dispute, we are here to help.

An experienced commercial litigation lawyer from Stevensen Business Lawyers can advise and represent you from the outset in any business law dispute, whether it’s a dispute with your partners, landlord, suppliers, customers, employees, or government authority.

We can advise you on your legal position in a business dispute, including your rights against other parties, the type of claim you can make to recover money owing to you, or how to stop conduct that is hurting your business. If you are on the receiving end of legal action, we can advise you on your defence. From the start, our focus is on providing practical solutions.

Suppose you are thinking of resigning from a business partnership or leaving a company. In that case, we can prepare an ‘exit plan’ for you that minimises disputes with the remaining partners or shareholders and clearly outlines your position to the other partners or shareholders from the outset.

Stevensen Business Lawyers has a proven track record of strategy and tenacity in providing advice and representation on a wide range of complex legal issues and complicated business disputes.

We work with clients to arrive at practical solutions to business disputes in a way that achieves your objectives within the framework of legal and commercial necessities.

Where litigation is required to resolve a dispute, we will fight hard to get the best possible outcome for you, whether it’s a complex legal action or a straightforward debt recovery claim. We will manage the process to minimise the stress involved. We are experienced and results-driven commercial litigators. We can find the best way to drive your case to a speedy settlement and get the result you want.


  • Stevensen Business Lawyers has a track record of success helping businesses resolve disputes speedily and cost-effectively through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration;
  • We have gained many years of experience as commercial litigation lawyers Sydney across various industries, including retail, hospitality, publishing, IT, media, entertainment, accountancy, and franchises.
  • We run your case in a suitable way for your situation and resources.
  • When advice from Counsel is needed about complex legal issues, we can draw on the specialist expertise of several Barristers from the Sydney Commercial Bar.
  • Where a negotiated settlement is not possible, our commercial litigation lawyers Sydney, will litigate your dispute promptly and rigorously in any appropriate NSW courts and tribunals.
  • As Sydney litigation lawyers, we have experience in Federal and state courts, Tribunals, and the Downing Centre Local Court. We’ll work hard to get results for you in any area of business law or commercial litigation.


Contact us today with any questions about business disputes, including:

  • Debt recovery actions generally,
  • Issuing or defending a Statutory Demand for Debt against a company,
  • Urgent court applications for injunctions to stop adverse action by another party, or stop the destruction of evidence (Mareva Injunction), or preserve assets in possession of another party (Anton Piller Order),
  • Security for Costs applications against non-resident litigants,
  • Enforcing previous Court Judgments,
  • Breach of contract disputes,
  • Commercial and business disputes,
  • Franchising disputes,
  • Strata disputes,
  • Company disputes and other disputes between owners of a business,
  • Shareholder disputes, partnership disputes, Joint Venture disputes,
  • Equipment hire disputes,
  • Defamation claims and privacy breaches,
  • Claims against Company Directors for Insolvent Trading,
  • Breach of Directors Duties proceedings,
  • Intellectual Property disputes: copyright infringement, trademark infringement, passing off action, theft of trade secrets, breach of confidentiality obligations,
  • Commercial lease disputes, Retail Tenancy disputes,
  • Legal action against borrowers and guarantors,
  • Supply of Services disputes,
  • Sale of goods disputes,
  • Sale of Business disputes,
  • Consumer and Australian Consumer Law litigation,
  • Fraudulent conduct, misrepresentations, misleading and deceptive conduct, advertising,
  • Disputes with suppliers or creditors,
  • Government decisions, Administrative Law, compliance, and Regulations,
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), mediation, and arbitration,
  • Professional negligence litigation.

If you need advice on any legal matter involving a business dispute or commercial litigation, don’t hesitate to contact us for an initial free discussion with a commercial litigation lawyer.

Frequently Asked Questions


We want you to be a client and a friend, but we don’t need to see you very often. After your initial meeting or consultation with us, we will try to limit face-to-face meeting time. As small business owners ourselves, we recognise your time is valuable. We will use email to inform you of any new developments in your case and we usually phone you when seeking your input.