Concise advice on all areas of business law

What is it going to cost? How long it is going to take? What documentation is needed? How can you protect your rights? What are you likely to gain from settling or going to a full Court hearing? You don’t need to get caught up in industry jargon and confusing legal terms. We offer value for money legal services tailored to your business needs.

Whether you need Terms & Conditions or have a complex business dispute, we don’t provide a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We will help you identify your main goals, and tailor our advice and suggested solutions to your particular needs.

Our service approach is to keep you informed, to speak in plain English and get-to-the-point quickly, allowing you to be in control of your legal decisions. By keeping the contracts, agreements and terms & conditions we prepare for you in plain English, we avoid ambiguities that could result in confusion or Court action later. We prepare contracts that non-lawyers can understand.

Whether your business is in the start-up phase, expanding or winding down we can advise you from a legal and commercial law standpoint of the best actions to take. We don’t just see the legal angles, we see the whole business picture. Your outcome becomes our outcome.

We team with you to be strategic in your approach to business dispute resolution. We have a common-sense approach to pricing with fixed prices and upfront quotes available on request.

Since opening in 2006, we have assisted a number of businesses over the years of growth and partner in understanding the needs of the industry they are in, including:

  • media companies, publishing, marketing firms, inventors, creatives,
  • food industry: caterers/cafes/restaurants,
  • Information Technology firms: suppliers & investors,
  • theatre companies, event management companies, education and seminar supplier companies;
  • employment: recruiters, employers;
  • online businesses, retailers, franchisees.

We are based in Sydney, we have clients as far afield as Malaysia and Melbourne. Using digital technology we are able to prepare advice and get it to you quickly. Our policy is to be available to assist you immediately over the phone or mobile anytime within normal business hours.